Natural Ventilation

Comfort is achieved by natural ventilation alone for four months of the year, this could be achieved through:

  • Thermal and pressure differential was utilized by locating lower opening to inlet cool breeze, and upper opening expel hot air outlets.
  • Wind pressure differential was utilized by flexible windows locations that respond to day and night variations in Muscat prevailing wind and sea breeze from NE/SW during the day and to SW/NE during night.
  • Mechanical exhaust fans are located next to upper outlet windows to be used when wind breeze is very low.
  • The family room is a central hub that connects all rooms and strongly relate to the North and South courtyards. It is a main passive design ventilation feature. Its double volume height is utilized to increase length of thermal stack effect to accelerate air buoyancy from lower inlets opening to upper outlet openings. Accelerated stack effect will suck air from adjacent rooms and improve their ventilation.