Solar Energy

SQU Eco house is equipped with a 20KW Photovoltaic system which generates free electricity by converting sunlight into electricity. The generated energy provides pollution-free power source that is expected to meet the energy demand of the house. To achieve this, two types of modules were installed and tilted at 23.5 for maximum annual yield from solar radiation. The rated power is 250W and 255W for the first and the second type. Every 20 modules are connected in series to form a PV array and each two arrays are connected in parallel in the combiner box.


  PV Array Layout

A 3 phase inverter is used to convert DC to AC power compatible to local grid. The inverter is equipped with two maximum power point trackers. Each tracker is optimizing the output of two arrays. During the day some of the collected power is consumed in the house, and the surplus is exported to the grid, while at night it is imported from the grid. A bidirectional meter calculates the export-import quantities according to an agreement with Muscat Electricity Distribution Company that is being experimented for the first time.

Solar water heater supplies all the necessary hot water for the all house activities including washing, bathing, and cocking.