Thermalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks

The envelope of the building is constructed from a cavity wall compromising two layers of Thermalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks. The construction of external walls is composed of (200 mm) inner wall, (50 mm) thermal insulation, and (100 mm) outer wall. These blocks provide a high insulation value, which is further increased by the use of additional cavity insulation.

  • Thermal blocks are used for all walls

Oman Eco-House’s secondary light-shell is placed outside the main building shell to intercept and dissipate most of the solar heat impact before it reaches the main shell of the building. The outer shell is constructed to host date palm tree wood Lattice panels, GRC screens, Vertical and horizontal of canvas strips, and Bio skin Green walls which vary the amount of sunlight and heat entering the home, significantly lowering cooling costs.

  • Date Palm Screens
  • Canvas Strips
  • GRC Screens
  • Bio Skin Green Walls

At SQU Eco-house all windows are composed of thermal break aluminum sections and double glazed windows to minimize thermal bridging among the external envelope.

The 3D surface structural form of canvas utilizes double curvature to provide tensile structural stability. It demonstrates an example of optimization of economy and maximum shade utilization. It is used for the garage cover as an example of external space shading.