House Visits

House Visits

As SQU team, we are honored to host you at SQU Omani Eco-House which we hope to promote good eco-friendly design and construction practice and to introduce future Innovations that further support green architecture and sustainability.

We sincerely appreciate your trust and interest in our project within SQU campus. The team aim to provide you with comfort and security at all times during your visit.

We are as delighted as you are to embark on this new journey to experience the main design features of this project including Omani architectural typology, Identity, form, Double-shell system, Natural ventilation, and Sustainable landscape.

We are confident that a peaceful, privileged and prosperous experience awaits you in your visit and we trust that you will enjoy being part of our project.

Eco-House is open during scheduled workshops and tours only. Please check our Eco-Calendar for upcoming tours and workshops.

Private tours can be arranged for large groups and institutional visit. Please contact us to arrange your visit in advance.

For your convenience an online guide book is available on

Enjoy your visit to a new home concept.

With our sincere wishes

SQU Eco-House Team